Making Disciples in
Northern Spain


Camino Life is an international interconfessional
organization that is committed to making 
joy filled disciples.

Camino Life works around the globe to connect
people to Jesus and one another.

We intentionally create joyful communities. 
Healthy identity, and a sense of belonging, hope and

intimacy with Jesus make life abundant!

We believe that forming loving attachments 
makes us truly human
, and our best selves.

“I have come to give you abundant Life!”


Camino Life has one focus…

We approach the Great Commission
using two unique methods.
Both of them allow a person to be seen and loved.
Both of them are intentional and relational.

First, we are trained to use Spiritual Gifts in non-religious settings.  
We give Encouraging words, Destiny words,
Identity words and even Healing Touches.
These Spiritual encounters
always create joy and curiosity in seekers,
as they encounter their Heavenly Father.
We refer to them as “Father Touches”.

Second, as people encounter Jesus, we create small groups
that create belonging and intimacy. 
These groups are famous for joy and community.
They are seen and known and celebrated. Attachment to Jesus and others ensures mature, whole, joyful disciples.

We call these groups “Hesed Life
(We know…crazy word, keep reading)

“Go, Make disciples of all Nations”


Camino Life trains teams to go into all nations. 
They are activated to use the Christian Spiritual Gifts.  

They are often given without using religious language.

These beautiful gifts have been mostly enjoyed
by Christians in a church, but we
have found their effect on
people outside the church intoxicating!

When used in a small group setting,
people feel joy, encouragement and wonder. 
Many feel seen and known for the first time.

The supernatural effect creates curiosity and openness.

“How do you know that?” or “Are you guys psychics?”
We always smile and tell them

You’ve been touched by your Heavenly Father!”

How do we make these relational small groups?

“That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word”.


One of our main ways to create natural small groups
is to teach English as a Second Language.
English is in demand in many nations around the world.
Our teachers are qualified and professional.

However these sessions are NOT taught in a classroom.
Instead, our teachers, network throughout a
community to meetup in small groups of 3-4.

Perhaps a café, a bar, a health club…

These quality but relaxed lessons allow

everyone to connect.
Then often during a lesson, our teachers hear
from the Spirt something about a student.

In the right moment, in gentleness and with permission
Father Touches begin to happen during a lesson and…

Jesus shows up and hearts burn!

“For the wind of the Spirit blows as it chooses
and you can hear its sound”


Hesed is a Hebrew word for which there is no 
English equivalent.  Some expressions to define it are

“loving attachments” or ”steadfast commitments”. 

As we gather in small groups, our most
noticeable trait is wild joy!
We feel the joy of our Heavenly Father ‘s face shining on us.
We love connecting, sharing, learning and encountering Jesus.

Of course food is always present!!

This is at the heart of all our small groups.

We have found that new believers mature when intimacy with God
and others occur at the same time.  This is an environment where real transformation can happen…becoming more like Christ.

Belonging creates joyful and mature people who offer others hope!
Their wholeness and freedom of course are attractive to
their families and community. These groups grow,
multiply organically and beautifully impact their culture.

“The believers hearts were mutually linked to one another…a deep sense of holy awe swept over everyone…They shared meals together with joyful hearts and tender humility”
Acts 2


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